The Beginner’s Guide To Backcountry Skiing

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Backcountry skiing is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for individuals who seek the thrill of being immersed in an outdoor landscape covered in snow. Backcountry skiing typically involves a challenging climb to the top of a mountain and the exhilaration of a rapid descent after a grueling ascent. The exciting sport also offers seasoned explorers a unique […]

Chase the Wild With Joerg Becker at New Denver Lodge

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Joerg Becker is an adventurer at heart. Since his early days, Becker has trekked from Germany to much of Western Europe and the globe to explore what the wild-lands have to offer. On a shoestring budget, Becker biked, hiked, and climbed much of the world’s great mountain ranges by the time he was 26. While […]

Chasing the Wild by Joerg Becker

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The travel bug must have bitten me at an early age. Always considering myself a true adventurer, I had seen much of the world by age 28. I had traveled around the globe on a shoestring, had seen most of Western Europe from the seat of my bicycle, and had hiked and climbed in some […]

Iconic Foods To Try in British Columbia

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British Columbia is undoubtedly the most beautiful and diverse province in Canada. From its lush rainforest to the remote rustic communities in the Rocky Mountains, it is one of Canada’s most picturesque and varied regions. There is a fantastic diversity of fauna and flora in stunning British Columbia; from cacti to Orca, it’s all here […]

Top Tourist Attractions to Explore in New Denver, British Columbia

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The remote community of New Denver in Canada is home to only a small population, yet its pristine beauty and untamed wilderness have won the hearts of many from around the world. The town of New Denver was originally named Eldorado City; in 1892, because of its splendid mountain and lake views, it was renamed […]

Ultimate Destination Wedding Tips

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Are you fantasizing about a wedding on the beaches of a private island? Or perhaps in the town where you and your fiancé fell in love? Destination weddings are an excellent opportunity to enhance one of the most memorable days of your life. But where do you even begin to make your fantasy wedding a […]

Mountain Biking For Beginners: The Basic Guide

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Riding a mountain bike for the first time is exciting but challenging, and you quickly discover it’s not as easy as it looks. However, you can employ specific techniques to make riding a mountain bike easier, safer, and more enjoyable. They say that practice makes perfect, which is undoubtedly true when mountain bike riding. But […]

How To Effectively Organize Corporate Team Building Events

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Corporate team building activities are on the rise as more and more businesses realize that putting random people in the same workplace and expecting them to get along on their own is ineffective. In addition, building people skills that extend beyond the responsibilities of individual employees is crucial. Without communication and teamwork, even the most […]

Inspiring Tips For Proposing on Vacation

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Having these tips and ideas to guide you will help you plan and deliver a memorable wedding proposal that you and your soon-to-be bride will remember and cherish always. A vacation proposal is the pinnacle of romance for many. Whether on the beach in Mexico, beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or at a destination […]

Snowmobile Safety tips and Etiquette

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Snowmobiling is similar to jet skiing, except it involves driving on snow, not water. The snowmobile delivers a thrilling experience and allows us to explore terrains that are difficult to access on foot, skis, or snowshoes. A snowmobile safety course or comprehensive introduction to the machine is recommended for novice or inexperienced snowmobilers. Remember that […]