Kootenay Corporate Retreat

Boost team morale with the extraordinary setting that British Columbia offers.

Organizing corporate retreats is an excellent way to increase employee productivity, strengthen bonds, and promote problem-solving skills. Expanding your business horizon in the spectacular location of British Columbia makes your retreat more than just a simple corporate gathering.

British Columbia hosts numerous destinations for business meetings, team adventures, explorations, and food excursions. With the breathtaking Selkirk Mountains and the magnificent Slocan Lake, the relaxing scenery surrounding our lodge creates a perfect environment for team building and for nurturing employee motivation.

One of the inspiring locations for corporate retreats in BC is the New Denver Lodge, a luxury lodge with nine opulent guest rooms and exceptional amenities. New Denver Lodge is the best place for employees to gather, relax, and just relish the panoramic view of the Valhalla Mountains.

Adding Value to Corporate Team Building

Pulling your staff away from their busy work schedules and sending them on an exhilarating journey to work on their interpersonal and personal skills can be exciting, especially when surrounded by unlimited wilderness. With the relaxing views of nature, it’s easy to forget about all the workplace stressors.

At New Denver Lodge, we make corporate retreats in Kootenay more rewarding. Our rustic-inspired lodge offers an opportunity for companies to reflect and refocus their energy on themselves and each other. To make your British Columbia retreats fun and memorable, we offer:

Communal Area for Workshops

If you plan to throw simple exercises or icebreakers as a kickstarter during your corporate retreat BC, our luxury lodge has an expansive living area perfect for indoor activities. It can accommodate groups of up to 16 people and still has enough room for everyone to huddle and move around.

Grand Private Rooms for Meetings

Creating that balance between work and play is one of the objectives of corporate retreats—and our lodge has this peaceful, natural setting that allows you to brainstorm effectively. Our nine opulent rooms come with complete amenities that are not only perfect for relaxation and unwinding but also for meetings.

Outdoor Space for Team Building

Making your British Columbia retreats purposeful is possible at New Denver Lodge. With private decks that offer views of the stunning outdoors, our lodge enables a worthwhile learning experience. There are also different nearby attractions that offer various adventures for you and your team to take on.

Private Bedrooms and Amenities for Relaxation

Intense activities and brainstorming sessions can be exhausting, so when it’s time to take a break, our lodge will be waiting for you with comfortable bedrooms and a host of unique amenities, such as an indoor pool, spa treatment rooms, and game rooms. Guests can also soak in the open-air hot tub and savor the magnificent views of nature.

Why Choose New Denver Lodge

New Denver Lodge prides itself in providing an unparalleled experience as well as life-changing opportunities for wellness and corporate retreats in BC. With nine lavish bedrooms and exceptional indoor amenities, our lodge is a great place for families, friends, and workmates to gather.

With breathtaking views of nature, our lodge doesn’t only facilitate reconnection with oneself and others but with nature as well. For more fun, our lodge brings you closer to popular outdoor itineraries, where you can take on new adventures, step out of your comfort zone, and discover your hidden potential.

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