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Cherish every moment with your family by visiting New Denver.

Family reunions offer a rare opportunity to bring loved ones together and strengthen family relationships. These meaningful events are once-in-a-lifetime moments that reinforce love and connection, and what better way to celebrate the gift of family than being surrounded by plenty of breathtaking wonders and stunning attractions that nature offers.

Nestled within the west coast of Canada, British Columbia offers unlimited wilderness. It’s the true definition of nature’s pure, immaculate beauty, thanks to its dense forests, magnificent mountain peaks, and stunning lakes. It’s also a great destination for outdoor adventures like mountain biking, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

New Denver Lodge is the ideal place to organize your unforgettable family reunion British Columbia. Our first-class accommodation provides you with access to all the picturesque wonders of the Kootenays while also offering you the relaxation you need after your intense trip. At our nine-room lodge, you are sure to enjoy your precious moments with your loved ones.

Creating New Memories With Your Loved Ones

Family gatherings are excellent ways to catch up with your relatives, reminisce childhood memories, and promote bonds that will last a lifetime—and New Denver Lodge offers you a variety of settings for your family to come together and enjoy these simple moments.

At New Denver Lodge, we offer high-end accommodation complete with breathtaking surroundings, fun activities, and unique amenities to keep everybody thrilled and busy. Here are some of the reasons why you should plan your next BC family reunion at our luxury lodge:

Picturesque Views

There’s simply something fascinating about the view of the rugged mountain heights and those snow-white peaks. Witnessing this inspiring scenery with your family makes every moment even more rewarding. Experience the feeling of complete awe when you book our lodge, as every corner offers a view of the magnificent Valhalla Mountain Range.

Peaceful Escape

Our location affords us spectacular mountain ranges that bring a sense of peace and excitement. You can either lounge in the vast living space, enjoy the serenity of nature from the window, or relax in our swimming pool. Our lodge offers you and your loved ones the most comfortable and rejuvenating stay in the Kootenays.

Personalized Experience

With access to all of nature’s finest attractions, you have a variety of activities to take on. Personalize your Kootenay family reunion and plan your incredible adventures. Hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, golfing and mountain biking are some of the things you can do in our location. After indulging in these activities, you have our relaxing lodge waiting for you.

Why Choose New Denver Lodge

New Denver Lodge is the ultimate destination for a British Columbia family reunion. We offer premium accommodation with exceptional amenities, including an indoor pool, an open-air bar, and fun game rooms.

Our lodge also boasts magnificent interior design. Its nine private guest rooms feature windows that serve as a great viewpoint of the unlimited wilderness that awaits you and your family.

At our lodge, we encourage you to make the most of the amenities and explore numerous tourist spots. We welcome guests year-round, including during the winter season, so you can witness British Columbia’s snow-covered paradise.

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