Wedding Venues in British Columbia

Proclaim your promise of lifelong devotion with the immaculate Slocan Valley as your backdrop.

There’s truly something romantic and alluring about New Denver that makes it the perfect place for a destination wedding. Lined with the majestic waters of Slocan Lake and the breathtaking Selkirk Mountains, this Canadian gem indeed offers something out of the ordinary.

Whether you’re going for a magical forest wedding to celebrate your momentous day in the woods, a gorgeous mountain wedding to enjoy the views of heavenly heights, or an intimate lakeside wedding to be surrounded by nature, New Denver offers a variety of unique scenery to witness the beginning of your journey to everlasting love.

At New Denver Lodge, we make any celebration of love the most wonderful experience for couples and their guests. It is no wonder why we are among the top choices of wedding groups in British Columbia. From private accommodation, essential amenities, and incredible views of the outdoors, our entire lodge is complete with everything to ensure that you and your guests have a comfortable stay during your wedding.

Creating Your Bespoke Wedding Experience

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing the perfect venue sets the right tone for the ceremony. With this in mind, you want a venue that genuinely speaks your story of love.

At New Denver Lodge, we know that your wedding is a special moment in your life, and you want to make it as memorable as it could be. Our luxury lodge offers one-of-a-kind accommodation for your wedding ceremony, after-party, or wedding reception.

Here’s why our lodge is your best option when choosing for spectacular wedding venues in British Columbia:

Divine Mountain Views

Indulge in the mesmerizing view of the Valhalla Mountains in every corner of our lodge. British Columbia is blessed with numerous mountain ranges that truly add a magical quality to your already special day. Every Kootenay wedding group knows that having this natural scene as a wedding backdrop will not only wow guests but also make for exquisite photographs.

Spectacular Private Space

If you are searching for private and idyllic wedding venues in British Columbia, our nine-room lodge offers the perfect balance of nature and architecture. It creates a beautiful oasis for your communal yet exclusive ceremony. Having an entire place for yourself and your guests can make your declaration of love more special and help you achieve the kind of intimacy that shared spaces don’t offer.

Relaxed Ambiance and Comforts

Beyond the design and marvelous mountain views, our lodge also welcomes you to a whole new world of comfort. Equipped with lifestyle amenities—from indoor pools, lounge seating, dining tables, and game rooms—celebrating your wedding is made more memorable and relaxing at one of the best wedding venues in British Columbia, New Denver Lodge.

Why Choose New Denver Lodge

Owned by a dynamic team of international hoteliers, New Denver Lodge is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in British Columbia. Poised in a secluded location near the Powder Highway, our nine-room lodge is the perfect getaway to make every moment of your wedding celebration count.

Aside from opulent private and shared rooms that can accommodate up to 16 guests, we also offer an incredible array of unique amenities for your guests to have an experience of their lifetime. You can also take advantage of the tourist attractions and fun activities nearby and have thrilling memories to treasure.

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