The touristic attractions around New Denver Lodge offer a diverse tapestry of experiences that celebrate the region’s natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and spirit of adventure. Whether guests seek relaxation, exploration, or adrenaline-pumping thrills, the lodge’s proximity to hot springs, Slocan Lake, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities ensures an unforgettable getaway in the heart of British Columbia’s wilderness.

Hot Springs

The abundance of hot springs within a two-hour radius of New Denver Lodge presents an opportunity for guests to indulge in therapeutic relaxation and rejuvenation.
These natural geothermal pools offer not only a chance to unwind and soothe tired muscles but also provide a unique outdoor spa experience amidst picturesque landscapes. Each hot spring may offer its own distinct ambiance and amenities, from rustic wilderness settings to more developed facilities, catering to a variety of preferences.

Golf Courses

Lake and River activities:

Slocan Lake, located just 5 min from New Denver Lodge, serves as a scenic playground for water-based activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, fishing, and swimming. The pristine waters of the lake, surrounded by lush forests and mountain vistas, create an idyllic setting for leisurely exploration and aquatic adventures. Whether guests seek tranquil moments of solitude on the water or engaging in group activities with friends and family, Slocan Lake offers diverse opportunities for recreation and relaxation.
You can visit other lakes in the surrounding communities when you are staying at New Denver Lodge. Arrow Lake and Summit Lake in Nakusp and Kootenay Lake in Kaslo.

Ski Resorts and Cat ski:

  • 90 min to Whitewater Ski Resort – Nelson
  • 30 min to Retallack (Cat-Ski)
  • 50 min to Baldface Valhalla (Cat Ski)
  • 140 Min to Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  • 15 Min to Summit Lake Ski Hill

Hiking Trails:

The abundance of hiking trails in the area provides outdoor enthusiasts with endless opportunities to explore the region’s rugged beauty and diverse ecosystems.
From leisurely strolls along lakeside paths to challenging summit hikes, guests can choose from a variety of trail options that cater to different skill levels and interests.
These hiking trails offer not only physical exercise but also opportunities for wildlife viewing, birdwatching, photography, and immersive nature experiences.
Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, there’s a trail for everyone. Here are our favorite hiking trails nearby:

  • 20 min to Lyle Lakes via Lyle Creek Trails, 8.7 km, moderate to hard
  • 5 min to Galena Trail: New Denver to Three Forks, 13.8km, easy to moderate
  • 10 min to Bannock Point Trail, 4 km, easy to moderate
  • 30 min to Whitewater Creek Trail, 10.8km, hard
  • 30 min to Wilson Creek Falls trail, 2.8 km, easy to moderate
  • 30 min to Idaho Peak, via Wakefield trail, 20.8 km, hard
  • 30 min to Mount Jardine, 18km, hard

Summer Adventure and Family Activities

  • Bike the Mt Abriel mountain bike trails
  • Visit Sandon, the ghost mining town
  • Watch live music at Centennial Park in New Denver
  • Shop local at the Friday Market in New Denver
  • Hike up to Saddle Mountain for a 360 degree view, in Nakusp
  • Hike up to Lyle Lakes via Lyle Creek Trail
  • Go for a walk at Kohan Reflection Garden
  • Paddle Board on Slocan Lake
  • Visit the Hidden Garden Gallery in New Denver
  • Bike the Galena Trail from New Denver to Roseberry
  • Go fishing at Summit Lake
  • Drive to Kaslo in one of the most scenic roads in Canada
  • Visit Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre in New Denver


  • 30 min to Valley of the Springs, Nakusp

Local Stores

  • Grocery Store: New Market Foods
    518 6 Ave, New Denver, BC V0G 1S0

  • Clothes and Outdoor Accessories: ValhallaPure Outfitters New Denver
    430 6 Ave, New Denver, BC V0G 1S0

  • Clothes, Books and Gifts: Raven’s Nest
    310 6 Ave, New Denver, BC V0G 1S0

  • Music store: Big Dog Music
    421 6 Ave, New Denver, BC V0G 1S1

Other Stores

  • Apple Tree Store and Workshop
    210 6 Ave, New Denver, BC V0G 1S0

  • BC LIQUOR New Denver
    717 Josephine St, New Denver, BC V0G 1S0

  • Red Tide Tattoo BC
    304 6 Ave, New Denver, BC V0G 1S1

  • Vape Shop New Denver – Vapor Vault
    722 Union St, New Denver, BC V0G 1S1

  • Silverton General Store
    222 Lake Ave, Silverton, BC V0G 1S0

  • Silverton Building Supplies
    216 Lake Ave, Silverton, BC V0G 2B0

Other Stores

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