Top Tourist Attractions to Explore in New Denver, British Columbia

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The remote community of New Denver in Canada is home to only a small population, yet its pristine beauty and untamed wilderness have won the hearts of many from around the world. The town of New Denver was originally named Eldorado City; in 1892, because of its splendid mountain and lake views, it was renamed New Denver after Denver, Colorado.

Anyone who visits or lives here can’t help but be captivated by the breathtaking natural scenery and the new attractions in New Denver. Whether you’re into fishing, hiking, biking, scuba diving, water sports, or winter sports, New Denver has it all waiting for you.

Here is a guide to the top tourist attractions waiting to be explored in New Denver, BC.

Popular Attractions in New Denver, British Columbia

1. Nikkei Internment Memorial Center

Over 22,000 Japanese Canadians were interned during World War II, and the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre is committed to preserving and sharing their history. In 1994, the New Denver Kyowakai Society erected the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre to remember these Japanese Canadians who had their civil liberties revoked, were labeled “enemy aliens,” and had to leave their coastal communities because of the war.

Located on the grounds of the former internment camp, the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre enables you to learn about this darker period in Canada’s history. Here you can see the original buildings, period relics, educational displays, and the beautiful Heiwa Teien garden built by the late great Roy “Tomomichi” Sumi.

2. Kohan Reflection Garden

The Kohan Reflection Garden is a Japanese-style strolling garden built around the surviving structures of the Orchard. Traditional horticulture components include planted maples, irises, lily ponds, lanterns, a bridge, a Shinto stone, and a Bacchi basin. The Kohan Reflection Garden educates the public about Japanese Canadian heritage and provides a space for reflection and cultural events.

3. Galena Trail

One of the most popular destinations in New Denver is the Galena Trail. You can hike 13 kilometers along the Galena Trail from Rosebery to Three Forks via New Denver, Denver Canyon, and Alamo Siding. The stunning Galena Trail is off-limits to motorized vehicles to preserve the area’s natural features, wildlife, and rare and sensitive plant life. Furthermore, you can still smell the smoke from the wood-fired boilers and the sound of the steam whistle from the defunct Nakusp and Slocan railway.

4. New Denver Visitor Centre

People from all over the world who are interested in learning more about the Kootenay region and the Slocan Lake area tourist attractions to visit can find all the information they need at the Slocan Lake Visitor Centre in New Denver.

5. Silvery Slocan Museum

For more than a century, New Denver, British Columbia, has been home to the Silvery Slocan Museum, housed in the historic Main Street building that the Bank of Montreal formerly occupied. The museum has displays depicting the area’s mining, logging, and agricultural history, as well as the recently rebuilt Lancet motor launch. Donations are appreciated but not required.

6. Mori Trail

Following the shoreline from Carpenter Creek up to Bigelow Bay in the north, the New Denver Mori Trail presents stunning vistas of Slocan Lake and its surroundings. Several locations around town provide convenient access to this walking path.

7. Centennial Campground

The Centennial Campground has 43 accessible sites and is located on the coast of beautiful Slocan Lake near the easily accessible town of New Denver. The Municipal Park, with its playground, playing field, beach volleyball court, and roped-off swimming beach, is conveniently located next door.

8. Summit Lake Ski Area

Ten trails range from easy to difficult at Summit Lake Ski Area, perfect for downhill skiing and snowboarding of all levels. Summit Lake has great downhill conditions and cross-country routes. Helicopter skiing services in the area will take you and a guide deep into the back country, where you can find the best powder snow.

9. Valhalla Provincial Park

Valhalla Provincial Park is one of the top tourist attractions located in British Columbia, Canada. It is a stunning wilderness area that spans 49,600 acres and features 30 kilometers of undeveloped shoreline on Slocan Lake. Several cascades and waterfalls may be seen across the park, which is situated high in the Valhalla Mountains on the western shore of Slocan Lake. The park is a popular destination for those interested in back-country camping and trekking.

10. Roseberry Provincial Park

Rosebery Provincial Park is a campground north of New Denver on Highway 6. Across Slocan Lake to the west is the breathtaking Valhalla Provincial Park. Campers looking for solitude can find it in this campground, which is discreetly tucked along the banks of Wilson Creek and offers an unspoiled woodland creek environment.

Key Takeaway

New Denver is a vibrant community in British Columbia with a multitude of offerings for residents and tourists alike. Indeed, if you are looking for a destination rich in history, offering amazing culture and spellbinding scenic adventures, look no further than New Denver, BC. Consider this popular destinations guide as a reference to the best places to explore when you plan your trip to New Denver, British Columbia.

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