Slokan Lake. The most beautiful of lakes!

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Fiona Wozney


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NDL - Slocan lake

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The New Denver Lodge is fortunate to find itself located on Slokan Lake. This lake is considered to be one of the most pristine in all of British Columbia. It’s cool deep waters run to a depth of 978′ and its oblong shape is 24 miles long and just 1.7 miles at its greatest width. All toll the ambiance of this spectacular lake provides the ultimate setting for your unique and picturesque spot at the Lodge.

Aside from providing beauty the lake also provides solitude and remoteness. The sides of almost the entire lake jettison upwards from the shoreline leaving little space for the construction of houses or buildings of any kind. In fact the far (western) side of the lake does not even have a road traversing it so the views from the New Denver Lodge and other points of the lake on the East side fall serenely on the pristine lake front with no signs of civilization in view.

Recreational opportunities on Lake Slokan are just as astounding as its views. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in BC to kayak or canoe upon. The lake is often quite glassy and there are numerous kayak treks that can be made along the lakes exterior. There are also an abundance of camp sites. It is always recommended however to maintain your awareness as you leave the comfort of the shorelines because winds have been know to come up swiftly in the lake’s middles often causing a severe hazard regarding wind chop and dangerous waves.

Over the years numbers of people have lost their lives on the lake due to marine mishaps and the exquisite crystal clearness of the waters allows scuba divers to descend the depths and explore the sunken ‘stern-wheelers’ that perished during the silver mining days in the 1890’s. Temperatures of the waters can cause a perilous problem in the winter months as well although the lake won’t usually freeze over. In the summer months the temps can hover around the shoreline at perhaps just under 70 degrees and although not considered tropical these summer temperatures can certainly provide for a nice refreshing dip.

As you would likely surmise, fishing in Slokan Lake would have its benefits. Whitefish, Rainbow and Bull Trout, Kokanee Salmon and many other types of fish can be found within the lake. Fly fishing is often best done in the areas where the various creeks feed into the lake but it is always best to secure the advice of a local fisherman or outfitter to get the real ‘skinny’ on where the fish are.

In addition to fishing, your journeys around the lake may also bring you great views of animals who live in the forest. Seeing a Bald Eagle can be an unforgettable treat but it is also possible to see black bears, mink, river otter, white tailed deer, red squirrel, osprey, Canadian Goose and much more.

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