Inspiring Tips For Proposing on Vacation

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Fiona Wozney has been in the Global Tourism industry for over 30 years. Her dedication, commitment, and drive to be excellent in what she enjoys doing are evident in all the partners she has worked with, the staff she has mentored, and the clients she has brought a smile to. Beyond her enthusiasm for business, she has a great passion for traveling and embarking on unique, thrilling adventures. Fiona was born in Australia and currently lives in the United States with her husband and two lovely daughters.

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Having these tips and ideas to guide you will help you plan and deliver a memorable wedding proposal that you and your soon-to-be bride will remember and cherish always.

A vacation proposal is the pinnacle of romance for many. Whether on the beach in Mexico, beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or at a destination lodge you fell in love with early on in your relationship, a vacation is an ideal time to pop that all-important question: will you marry me?

While there are a few additional factors to consider for proposing on vacation, we’ll lay it all down so you can confidently formulate your plans before heading to your holiday destination. Here are some tips for proposing marriage in style and making this special occasion one you will remember and cherish forever.

Tips on How to Propose on Vacation

1. Plan your trip accordingly.

The location of your proposal is an important choice that will have lasting significance. Possibly your significant other has a location in mind that they’ve always wanted to see but never got the chance, or maybe you’re just more interested in proposing in an exotic location. Why not go someplace that means something to both of you? Make sure the location has some sort of “wow” factor.

2. Pack the ring securely.

It may be overwhelming to think of taking your engagement ring on an international trip. It is wise to insure the ring before departure as part of your standard travel insurance or as a separate coverage.

If you’re worried about your ring becoming lost or damaged while in transit, it’s best to bring it on the plane with you in a carry-on. Discreetly packing this item means slipping it into a pair of socks at the bottom of your backpack or switching it out for a different box.

3. Be flexible and creative.

If you intend to propose while on vacation, you should organize every aspect of the trip to avoid mishaps. One of the best tips for proposing is to prepare a backup plan in case your initial proposal plan does not pan out (for instance, bad weather ruining a yacht wedding proposal).

4. Prepare and rehearse your lines beforehand.

It is a good idea to run through what you intend to say to yourself before you set out on vacation. No notes, please! Don’t expose yourself by practicing lines on the phone with a friend while on vacation. Remember that notes can be read and talking with friends overheard, either one of which will ruin the surprise.

5. Study your chosen site thoroughly and plan every detail.

The ideal approach to popping the question while on vacation is not to feel pressured, so it’s crucial to do your homework and plan every detail. Remember that the devil is in the details, from ensuring your photographer knows the right time and place to be to dressing the part and keeping the ring safe. Do you plan on using any props, specialized lighting, etc.? Keep in mind that the best way to propose on vacation requires careful planning and organized execution.

6. Plan the vacation.

Make the entire trip as memorable as possible by preparing exciting activities and romantic gestures, not just the proposal. This will give you plenty of stories to share with your friends and family upon your return home.

7. Plan your attire.

What you wear on the day should depend on how you intend to propose, but we recommend that you keep it simple and avoid wearing anything too flashy or trendy. You should also ensure that your spouse wears an equally fashionable and appropriate outfit, especially if you intend to photograph the big event.

Wedding Proposal Ideas on Vacation

Propose on a mountaintop.

If you and your partner are physically fit, there is no more scenic and inspiring way to propose marriage than on top of a mountain. She will be ecstatic from the endorphin-inducing scenery, but from the proposal as well.

Ask her out to marry you on a private beach during sunset.

Find an isolated and private spot on the beach, and pop the question at sunset. Proposing while the sun sets and illuminates the horizon has to be one of the most romantic proposal settings possible. However, avoid standing too close to the water as a wayward wave can easily ruin the mood.

Ask her during a picnic in the sun.

Proposing while enjoying a picnic in the sun is an excellent idea due to its adaptability. It is ideal for a romantic and private proposal. For a weekend retreat, you may propose while enjoying a picnic on a beach or in a city park.

Take a boat cruise and propose during the sunset.

Try to take her out on the sea with you, and then pop the question. Extra points for you if you can stop the boat and pop the question directly before a sunset.

Make your proposal on a cliff.

If you propose on a cliff top, you will likely have excellent scenery and seclusion. Please avoid standing directly on the cliff’s edge for safety reasons.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Vacation Proposal

  • Letting other women try on the engagement ring is not the best idea. It is prudent to get a second viewpoint, but preferably not from your prospective wife’s girlfriends.
  • If you are prepared to ask her the most beautiful question in the world, keep it to yourself. Sharing the news with your friends and family is significantly more exciting after you have successfully popped the question.
  • The closer the momentous occasion comes, the more challenging it becomes not to act suspiciously. Constantly checking your trouser pocket to see if the ring is still there and other worrying behaviors may cause your partner to assume something is amiss.
  • Selecting the wrong words. Never begin your proposal with any of the following cringe-inducing statements:

➤ “Because we’re not getting younger…”

➤ “Even though my mother says…”

➤ “I fear my wild days have passed, so…”

➤ “You won!”

  • Not asking for her hand. A traditional proposal also includes asking the future in-laws for their daughter’s hand in marriage before the proposal. This demonstrates elegance and respect. Your partner’s parents will admire your courage and strength and be pleased with the upcoming marriage.


Nothing is more romantic than planning the perfect trip with your significant other and then making a surprise side plan to make it even more memorable by proposing on vacation! While some may argue that it is cliché, there are numerous ways to personalize it for your relationship and make it a memorable occasion. Whether you’re planning a secret sunset beach engagement, a family-oriented proposal, or something else entirely, the tips and ideas mentioned above can assist you in ensuring that everything goes smoothly on your special day!

Make an Unforgettable Proposal of Love at New Denver Lodge.

Proposing while on vacation should include a well-thought-out marriage proposal plan, ensuring your partner will most likely be completely surprised by the sudden romantic gesture. Book a destination getaway at New Denver Lodge, and enjoy the scenery and complete amenities. Then plan to pop the question after enjoying a fun activity, such as skiing or hiking. Always remember that nothing beats a surprise proposal like this. For sure, by doing all these, a big “YES” must be in order. Call us now to experience the thrill!

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