How to Plan a Destination Family Reunion

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Getting together with extended family has been on your to-do list for a long time. Perhaps, you’ve missed hugs and kisses from grandma, peachy-cheeked smiles from your nieces and nephews, and an embrace from an older sibling. If so, isn’t it about time you organized a family reunion? And what better way to make that special occasion even more special than by taking a trip to a new and exciting location.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort to plan a destination family reunion, and it may be simpler than organizing a family reunion at home. Less time is spent cooking and cleaning, and guests can have their own space and privacy.

Multigenerational vacations, which include everyone from grandparents to young children, are a special and unique way to reunite families. Family travel fosters strong bonds between generations and strengthens precious familial ties.

What is a Family Reunion

A family reunion is a gathering of immediate and extended family members that may occur annually on the same date or according to predetermined scheduling. A family reunion has no restrictions on the number of people who can attend, how often it takes place, or how long it lasts. Besides providing an opportunity for a vacation, family reunions can serve as a means of reuniting and strengthening bonds within a family.

A family reunion may even include a few close friends who aren’t related to the family by blood but are still considered family members due to their close friendship with family members. Outdoor excursions, shared meals, party games, and stories about the past are all activities commonly engaged in during family reunions.

What are the Benefits of Family Reunions

Even though technology and social media have made it easier for loved ones to stay in touch, there is just no way online contact can offer the same benefits as actual physical contact. In the busy modern lifestyle, different locations, day-to-day commitments, and conflicting priorities make it difficult for families to connect. The difficulty in connecting makes family reunions more significant than ever.

To have that physical contact between family members is a precious, invaluable moment to be cherished by family members.

1. Reestablish connection with family.

Many family members live in different states or even countries, making it hard for families to connect physically. Family reunions provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to reconnect and allow family members valuable time to catch up with each other’s lives and well-being. For some, a family reunion is an ideal opportunity to introduce a new baby or spouse to the rest of the family.

2. Celebrate a special occasion.

Many families use reunions to commemorate anniversaries or birthdays. You can also use reunions to celebrate new marriages. This is an opportunity for family members who are unable to attend the wedding to spend time with the newly married couple. Additionally, reunions allow families who have lost loved ones over the year to honor that person’s life and celebrate their memory together.

3. Value your ancestry.

Family reunions bring together people from all generations, old and young. They are a way to preserve and share your family heritage, including old family stories, favorite recipes, and lasting traditions.

A family reunion is also an excellent opportunity to establish new beliefs and customs that will be passed down to future generations, providing the younger generation with a base on which they can formulate their opinions, beliefs, and values.

4. Have fun together.

Family reunion destinations are a delightful and invaluable experience. It is a designated time for spending quality time with loved ones, including engaging in enjoyable activities and sharing delicious food.

How to Plan a Destination Family Reunion

To be successful in facilitating ways on how to plan a family reunion, utilize the following family reunion planning checklist to ensure you stay on track throughout the process.

Plan ahead of time.

If you’re planning a big family gathering, give yourself at least a year to get everything organized. The more time you give yourself to plan, the more likely it is that everyone will be able to choose from the family reunion ideas suggested. It would also be best for everyone to find the ideal time and location that works for them.

Make a financial plan in advance.

Decide the location early, define where you want to hold the reunion and make a financial plan. No one wants to be saddled with an unexpected bill at the end of a family reunion and to avoid unexpected bills, it is a good idea to set a budget for each family member to contribute.

Give your family a choice of time and place.

As soon as you’ve decided on a spending limit and a family reunion itinerary, conduct a poll among your loved ones to determine who will be available to attend on the suggested days and specified locations.

Ensure to send out the family reunion invitations.

After the family representatives have decided on a date and location for the reunion and have established a spending plan, it is essential to send out the invitations promptly. By doing this, everyone can clear their work, school, and other commitments in time to attend the reunion.

Delegate some of your duties to other members of your family.

The reunion planning will quickly overwhelm you unless you get help from others. Planning committees may include budget, reservations, food coordination, travel and lodging, entertainment, and coordinating communications.

Have a good time.

Often it’s the simple things like having fun that planners overlook. It can be stressful to plan a destination family reunion, but once the vacation has begun, it is time to relax and enjoy the ride. Once you have communicated the details and schedule to all the attendees, your job is complete. You can sit back and relax or enjoy the more active party festivities.


It is enjoyable and rewarding to plan a destination family reunion and even more enjoyable to see it all come perfectly together. Bringing together your loved ones to reconnect, strengthen family bonds, and have fun is rewarding. Knowing you contributed to a gathering where family members had so much fun that they are already planning the next destination is a joy. Considering all the tips mentioned above, organizing a family reunion every year will be a breeze.

Let New Denver Lodge be a part of your family bonding activity.

Enjoy the fresh air and stunning scenery with your loved ones when you book New Denver Lodge for your destination family reunion. Nothing beats a warm cozy lodge to strengthen family bonds and have fun for the weekend. With its complete amenities and vast floor area to accommodate large families for this memorable event, it is truly worth every penny. So, what are you waiting for? Make a booking for your family reunion now!

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