Ghost Towns are all around you

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Fiona Wozney


Fiona Wozney has been in the Global Tourism industry for over 30 years. Her dedication, commitment, and drive to be excellent in what she enjoys doing are evident in all the partners she has worked with, the staff she has mentored, and the clients she has brought a smile to. Beyond her enthusiasm for business, she has a great passion for traveling and embarking on unique, thrilling adventures. Fiona was born in Australia and currently lives in the United States with her husband and two lovely daughters.

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ndl - Abandoned City of Sandon

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The 1890’s ushered in a giant boom in silver mining as well as zinc and other types of rich mineral deposits in the hills behind New Denver. This mining surge was intense and was here and gone within a few decades. The mining towns built around the mines had hundreds and even thousands of people in their populations but with the mines running dry, fluctuations in the precious medal markets, fires, floods and other catastrophes the people disappeared and left behind the towns with no one in them. These ‘ghost towns’ are prevalent in the areas just a short distance from the New Denver Lodge and to this day you can spend a few hours wandering around what still stands from this bygone era. Just a 20 minute drive will take you to the ghost town of Sandon. Although the ghost towns of Cody, Alamo, Retallack and Zincton can all be found in the same basic area, your best bet for a visit is at Sandon as the other towns are much smaller, often somewhat difficult to get to and do not have as much to see.

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