During the summer season golf is a great option at the New Denver Lodge!

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Just 1km from the lodge is the beautiful Slocan Lake Golf Course. Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains with great views of Slocan Lake with its Valhalla peaks in the distance this impeccably maintained nine hole golf course provides a wonderful source of recreation for both the avid or casual golfer.

During the summer season this golf course provides yet one more option of activities to enjoy. Because it is a 9-hold course it can be completed in just under 2 hours so a morning or afternoon outing will still leave time for other activities in the area. Keep in mind however, that if you are serious about the game you can of course double-up and play 18 holes and make a day of it. Similarly, if you are actually looking for a series of golf experiences during your time at the lodge there are no less than six other beautiful golf courses within an hours drive.

As mentioned, this course will be fun for everyone but for experienced golfers it will provide a challenge to get a great score. The fairways are of average lengths but they are narrow and lined with giant forest evergreens so well placed shots are the order of the day. Both pond and sand trap hazards can be found on this well groomed course as are well defined OB markers along the perimeters. It all makes for a fun challenge in spectacular surroundings.

The Slocun Valley Golf Club was established in 1927 so it has a lot of local heritage and culture in its rich history. Charming old photographs are displayed in the clubhouse as are classic antique wooden shaft clubs.

The course is by in large a level one so it makes for easy walking and its 6 par fours, 2 par threes and 1 par five holes account for a total of a pleasant 2682 walk-able yards.

The green fees for this public course are quite reasonable and it also has a delightful restaurant to enjoy after a great time out on the course.

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