Chase the Wild With Joerg Becker at New Denver Lodge

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Fiona Wozney


Fiona Wozney has been in the Global Tourism industry for over 30 years. Her dedication, commitment, and drive to be excellent in what she enjoys doing are evident in all the partners she has worked with, the staff she has mentored, and the clients she has brought a smile to. Beyond her enthusiasm for business, she has a great passion for traveling and embarking on unique, thrilling adventures. Fiona was born in Australia and currently lives in the United States with her husband and two lovely daughters.

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Joerg Becker is an adventurer at heart.

Since his early days, Becker has trekked from Germany to much of Western Europe and the globe to explore what the wild-lands have to offer. On a shoestring budget, Becker biked, hiked, and climbed much of the world’s great mountain ranges by the time he was 26.

While that may have been enough for most, Becker and his wife Ulli undertook a great expedition at 29 that would take them across the world.

“My wife Ulli and I left our home in Germany and embarked on an epic trans-global cycle tour that, over the course of four years, saw us ride our bicycles over 58,000 kilometers across four continents and through 42 countries,” Becker reminisced.

Fulfilling this epic feat fueled the couple’s thirst for exploration, even after immigrating to New Denver, BC, in 1989. They founded a bicycle touring company and led, over the next 31 years, hundreds of high-end tours to incredible cycling destinations around the world.

Becker’s wanderlust has not waned even in retirement. The travel nomad still roams the wild and picturesque forests of BC, chronicling his adventures through arresting photography.

His latest selection, Chasing the Wild, perfectly captures the stunning woodlands around New Denver, Slocan Lake, and its varied wildlife. Every frame is an invitation to witness what Becker sees when he traverses the wilderness: untouched, stunning vistas, and a thriving ecosystem worth conserving.

“I invite you to share my love and compassion for nature and all that surrounds us,” Becker said.

Visitors may browse the collection at the New Denver Lodge. Becker’s work is hung throughout the lodge, available for guests’ to enjoy or purchase.

We’re located at 6560 Highway 6, New Denver, British Columbia, Canada.

To learn more about Joerg Becker’s work, you can visit his website: or read his bio here.

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