Corporate Retreat

Kootenay Corporate Retreat Boost team morale with the extraordinary setting that British Columbia offers. Organizing corporate retreats is an excellent way to increase employee productivity, strengthen bonds, and promote problem-solving skills. Expanding your business horizon in the spectacular location of British Columbia makes your retreat more than just a simple corporate gathering. British Columbia hosts […]

Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats BC Soothe your mind, body, and soul while embracing the beauty of British Columbia. After taking on thrilling adventures or a stressful week of working tirelessly, the focus of many is to de-stress, switch off, and find ways to nurture the mind and spirit. One meaningful practice to achieve inner peace, balance, and […]

Mountain Biking

British Columbia Mountain Biking Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature by mountain biking in British Columbia and booking our luxury lodge. New Denver is indeed one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. As some people say, it’s a magical place. It’s nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, and […]

Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding

Snowboarding and Skiing in BC Make the most of world class backcountry skiing British Columbia. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is one of the best places to visit, not just in Canada but across the globe. It features rugged coastlines, stunning mountain peaks, dense forests, and breathtaking fjords. These […]

Family Reunions

BC Family Reunion Cherish every moment with your family by visiting New Denver. Family reunions offer a rare opportunity to bring loved ones together and strengthen family relationships. These meaningful events are once-in-a-lifetime moments that reinforce love and connection, and what better way to celebrate the gift of family than being surrounded by plenty of […]

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues in British Columbia Proclaim your promise of lifelong devotion with the immaculate Slocan Valley as your backdrop. There’s truly something romantic and alluring about New Denver that makes it the perfect place for a destination wedding. Lined with the majestic waters of Slocan Lake and the breathtaking Selkirk Mountains, this Canadian gem indeed […]